Start your career at our group of companies

At our group of companies, we value creative and entrepreneurial colleagues. We would like getting to know you, when you are a student, starting your career, or looking for your next challenge.

Start your internship

With new people come fresh perspectives and ideas. That’s why we offer worldwide graduation opportunities and internships. Depending of your field of study, we are happy to welcome you at our engineering or procurement departments, or at our staff departments. We offer assignments and internships to all levels of education. We favorite candidates who show initiative and ambition.

To become a craftsman, we like you to work side-by-side with our experienced employees. They will give you the opportunity to work on your own level, in your own speed, but they will challenge you to become better and learn more. They are passionate about supporting you to reach your goals. We have possibilities for training and learning in technical, commercial, administrative and IT departments.


Minors and group assignments for students

At PMP in Radom (Poland) and at ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC) (The Netherlands) we offer educational institutes the use of our machines and space for group assignments. Our experienced employees are guiding the students. SMART in house minor. For example, in Kampen we offer mechanical and electrical engineers the possibility of a full in house minor, called SMART. This minor is focusing on innovation in high-tech systems and robotics.

To bridge the gap between education and work, PMP Poland has adopted an old practice of educating pupils form secondary schools in the workplace. By providing students practical experience, they are learning the skills and knowledge needed in today’s factory environment.

Company visits and tours

Every educational institute, from primary till university is welcome to visit one of our facilities. We will offer you a tour and a program fitted to the age and interest of your students.