Meet our colleagues

Working at our group, means working with very creative and entrepreneurial people.

The group is anything but ordinary. We are a family company with a truly progressive and global outlook. Working at our group, means working in an open and friendly organization. We offer our employees a lot of freedom and expect everyone to take their responsibilities.

Curious to know what it's like to work at our group of companies? Read the stories of some of our team members.
Mechanical Engineer

The best thing about working at ITM is the fact that I learn so much, in my opinion even more than at school. I am learning in the workplace, during my day-to-day work, from colleagues, but also from other activities. I think that for my colleagues, there are no problems that are too difficult to solve. When I look around at ITM, I see the flexibility towards the customer and the continuous desire to develop better solutions.

Electrical and controls engineer

At ITM Germany I am involved in the complete process. At the office I develop and test ideas for improvements in our electrical and control systems. I go to customers to start up new machines and to support them when needed. Out of the office, I keep in touch with my colleagues: I can always call them for support. I also work closely with people from ITM Poland: some of them feel like friends by now and we are enjoying our time abroad together.

Software engineer

Software engineer Arend Luten is showing and telling why it is great to work at ITM in Kampen. He works here for over ten years now and is especially proud on the modularity of our machines and the software written to support our way of machine building.

"There is so much variety in my job. Every day brings something new. We have an international focus and the company offers me lots of possibilities to develop myself."

Mechanical Service Engineer

A new machine always needs attention to bring it up to its optimal level. So we Service Engineers have to be a direct crosslink between ITM and a happy customer. Every time I realize how important the power of each individual behind this process is. We all work close together and take on the challenge to reach perfection. That’s what makes our company strong, because a company is as good as the people working for it.

Mechanical engineer

As a mechanical engineer at PMP Dominicana, José  Vargas makes precision machine parts. For now, these parts are mostly for GTS/SCM, where PMP is a division of. “One of the wonderful things of being part of a worldwide group is that we can expand very quickly. We keep improving every day. I just went to the Netherlands, for training. This is just an example of grasping the opportunities there are.”

Executive assistant

In my opinion, I haven’t built a career, but I gained the best experience in doing by learning. ITM challenges people to discover the unique role, best suited to their talents, interests and values. Our company serves as a driving force propelling team members to succeed. ITM is a good place to learn. You do not have to be afraid to make mistakes, just learn from them.